Saturday, October 17, 2009


Reverend Archie Coates thinks that Brighton is the most godless city in Britain and it's inhabitants seem pretty pleased about it. Check out the poll, which currently stands at:

Is Reverend Archie Coates right to repeat the description of Brighton as "Godless"?

yes, and it's good he intends to help change this: 3%

no, it has its troubles but it is generally a good place: 2%

being described as Godless is a compliment: 95%

To be fair, this story was featured on Pharingula, which will certainly have skewed the results, but the third option was already at 72% before it was Pharyngulised.

There's a sinister taste to this story, however. It's hard not to speculate that Reverend Archie uses the term 'godless' as a euphemism for 'homosexual'. Well, he can do this if he wants. It's a free country and I'll defend Reverend Archie's right to say pretty much whatever he likes, however ignorant and distasteful. What bothers me is the fact that if he is talking about homosexuality, he's so weasely about it. He's telling people that they are filthy sinners and abominations in the eyes of god who will burn in hell throughout all eternity, but he won't say it out loud in case someone tells him off.

Talk about having the courage of your convictions. I hope I'm wrong about Reverend Archie because this leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

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