Sunday, December 20, 2009

Burning bush

Ophelia Benson has written with distaste about the pope here. If you haven't already subscribed to Butterfies and Wheels, then I'm afraid you are a complete idiot. Sort yourself out, for goodness' sake.

That aside, her post highlights something that frustrates me greatly. In 2001, Ratzinger wrote secret letters to every catholic bishop instructing them to cover up child abuse, specifically sexual abuse. It instructed them to keep any evidence in such cases secret until at least a decade after the victims reached adulthood.

In 2009 the same Ratzinger told us of his outrage and shame in being betrayed by some of his staff in their systematic raping of children for decades.

And yet this letter shows that he knew what was happening and permitted it to continue. It shows that he cared more about the church than its claimed ideals. It shows that the self-styled spiritual leader of billions puts the safety of children below the safety of rapist priests.

As much as this raises a red mist, it isn't what I'm frustrated about. I very much hope that the people abused can gain a voice and gain justice.

My complaint is toward catholics who allowed this to happen. And accomodationists, of course, who seem to want to curb comments like this that portray religion in a negative light. Religion itself does a perfectly good job of that and I couldn't possibly put it in a worse light than it's already in.

Catholics: the pope isn't in charge of your religion, you are. You decide what you believe, which evidence you want to cherry pick and which bits of the bible you want to act on. Don't you?

Well, don't you?

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