Wednesday, February 24, 2010

open letter to The Deleter (also emailed to him)

Professor Dendy,

I wonder if you would answer a very specific question in public and allow me and anyone else to reply to your response (again in public and with the usual caveat that no profanity or insult is used).  You, naturally, could reply to anyone else's comments.  Hey, sounds like a blog!  It could be your blog or mine.  Well, not yours obviously because  you spend more time deleting comments than you do writing ones of your own.  Ah, but you know what? I'll take your word that on this issue you will not delete any posts.  Or we can do it on my blog.  Or someone else's of your choosing.  What do you think?

I have a caveat of my own: every part of this exchange should be public and never willingly deleted.  We'd both agree to that and trust each other's word.

My question is perfectly simple.  It might lead to other questions and discussions, but that's my point.  I want to begin a proper, intellectual debate.  The entirety of any debate, short-lived or long, will appear on my site without censorship, abridgement or adulteration, although I might comment (and so can you!).  You can decide whether to put it on your site...unless your site is the place we decide to do this.  You'd agree to not delete or censor things relating to  this specific stuff on your blog if you agreed to this.

If you like, I'll tell you what my question is before you decide whether to accept.  But if you read the question and decide to debate me about it, we'll agree to some basic stuff and our discussions about this will be part of what becomes available to the public.

What do you say?  Do you have something to hide?  If you don't like this challenge or the benign conditions I've suggested, why not suggest others?

Will I ever hear back from you, Professor Dendy?


My guess is that I won't hear back from him.

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