Sunday, February 21, 2010

poor professor dendy

The aforementioned *ahem* professor has turned off commenting on his blog.  So let's see: he decided to wage an idiotic war against the most popular science site in the world, said all manner of bewilderingly stupid things, then was amazed when people didn't agree.  Of course, it's not the disagreement he has a problem with.  He expects people to disagree with him, because it feeds his sense of Christian persecution.  That's why he says such barkingly ridiculous things in the first place.  He pictures himself as the voice of reason by divine right, feels that he's held to a different standard to the rest of us because of this, and believes himself to be the only one speaking the truth in a world gone politically correct.

I suspect what he objects to is people making him think.  No, that's not quite true: I doubt anyone's managed that.  In order, however, to answer the points people have raised, Professor Dendy would have to step outside the confines of his dogma and think for a moment.  This he will not do.

Turning off commenting is a disgraceful move for someone calling himself a science professor.  It is the exact opposite of scientific discourse.  He seems to know it's wrong because he has condescendingly supplied an email address and vowed to publish one email (he doesn't say whether it's one a week or a month or just one in total) on his own terms.  We won't know whether he's altered the email or just plain made it up and we won't see any responses to Dendy's 'analysis'.  All will be safely within his control, he can ignore the comments that might distressingly make him re-evaluate his dogmatic views, and he can appear as a kindly sage, handing wise advice down across the ages.  This is what Professor Dendy calls "the best part".

I suppose all this is a slight imporovement on his previous tactic of simply deleting comments he didn't like, since at least his cards are now firmly on the table: Professor Dendy will not tolderate his veiws being criticised.  How very professorial.


  1. This - for what it's worth - is what I sent to Dendy, P:

    So let's see. In turning off comments, you've disabled the ability for people to criticise your views other than entirely on your own terms. We won't see any feedback from the original correspondent about whether her views have been misrepresented or dealt with fairly. We'll only see the comments you decide you're capable of dealing with, most likely in a dismissive manner that doesn't address the main point, if your previous blog responses are anything to go by. Those you haven't surreptitiously deleted, that is.

    And you call this "the best part"?

    As in so very many cases, professor, I don't quite follow your reasoning. It's not very professorial, is it? It's not exactly scientific. In fact, quite the reverse. Trying to control criticism only helps the people who say idiotic things and are therefore rather deserving of criticism. And it really only helps them to say even more idiotic things. I don't see what is "best" about this.

    Professor Dendy, stop being an idiot and turn commenting back on. Be a champion for reason and scientific discourse and let's look at your views in a scientific light. For the sake of your students - assuming you have any - as much as for anything else.

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