Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI condemns child abuse by priests

Condemns?  He seems to think of them as kids who won't get off his lawn:

For centuries, the Catholic Church has shown its commitment to loving and respecting children and ensuring their basic human rights are respected, Benedict told members of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family.
"Unfortunately in some cases, some of its members - acting in contrast to this commitment - have violated these rights, a behaviour that the church hasn't, and won't ever stop deploring and condemning," he said on Monday.
And yet we know what Ratzinger did.  He wrote the policy stipulating that the Catholic church should hide stories of abuse and protect the beasts who committed it.

He's a monster who doesn't care that children were - and for all I know still are - systematically abused.

In the wake of the reports, Benedict summoned all of Ireland's bishops to the Vatican for an extraordinary meeting February 15-16.
He plans to release a letter to Ireland's 4 million Catholics afterward.
That should certainly comfort all those people who were relentlessly and systematically buggered against their will.  It's like finding out that the toys father christmas has been giving to the other children of the world is actually your stuff.  And that he's been buggering everyone young enough to keep quiet.  And telling them that nobody will ever get a present from santa again unless you do what he says.

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