Monday, April 19, 2010

atheist anecdote

I was at a meeting on Saturday with these people. A couple of people mentioned that on some 'news' channel or other (sorry, I forget which) had a election news ticker which displayed something like the following:
"Gordon Brown is a member of the Church of Scotland.....David Cameron is a member of the Church of England....but Nick Clegg has been forced to admit he's an atheist....but his wife is Catholic."

This is at the same time hilarious and indicitive of the undeserved respect religion is handed in our society. Clegg has never tried to deny that he doesn't believe in any gods. He's been completely open about it and made no bones of it.

But it's reported as though he's making a terrible confession under duress. But it's OK because his wife is Catholic! He can't be *completely* bad after all!

I don't think I need to comment much on this. The bias is glaring and almost surreal. I've had the *ahem* good fortune to work with quite a lot of media types in the past and for the most part they were as staunch godless, irreverent blasphemers as I am myself. But when they come together in their unholy coterie, the result seems to be a strange deference or even preference for religion. Weird.

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