Wednesday, May 05, 2010

At last

The Catholic church has finally begun to put its house in order. It is investigating three communities of nuns for sexually abusing chi..... No, wait, they didn't do that. They beat children in their ca..., they didn't do that either.

In fact, they are being investigated on complaints of "feminism and activism".

It's certainly easy to see why the church views this as a moral emergency which they're obliged to put an end to: its power is based on the unquestioning obsequiousness of its members and of those non-members who insist we respect the church's ways. If women are getting all uppity and wondering why, for example, they can't be priests when there's no such prohibition in the bible, that certainly needs to be quashed. Go home people, there's nothing to see here.

Global institutionalised child rape? Knowledge of that should be suppressed like the knowledge that women don't actually have to do what they're told.

Think about which is actually more urgent for the Catholic church. If it isn't clear, take a look at their evident priorities.

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