Thursday, June 10, 2010

Charles Windsor is a credulous fuckwit

The world’s environmental problems are all down to Galileo, apparently.  You see, Galileo said that there’s nothing in nature but quantity and motion, therefore the world is ending.  You see the logic, right?  What, you don’t?

Well what Galileo said turned everyone into rampant consumers who hate the world and everything in it, according to Windsor.  But I’m just exaggerating, right? Ah:

“As a result [of what Galileo wrote], Nature has been completely objectified — ‘She’ has become an ‘it’ — and we are persuaded to concentrate on the material aspect of reality that fits within Galileo’s scheme.”

                           -- Charles Tiberius Windsor

This is plain and obvious batshit insanity.  Not one part of it is supported by evidence.  I get what he’s trying to say: we need to care more about the Earth.  I wholeheartedly agree.  It’s a global and individual disgrace that we can’t collectively get our shit together and stop breaking the world.  But what does Windsor suggest we do about the problem?  Well….we should have a bit more respect for souls.  That should fix it.  This moron has – against my wishes – a ready-to-roll platform for whatever views he’d like to express.  Nobody else in the world has such a platform as a birthright. Some people earn the right to be listened to due to having something to say that is not stupendously and blitheringly idiotic, but it is entirely obvious that Windsor is not one of them. What does Windsor do with this unique platform?  Bleat.  He fucking bleats.

How long can we allow this guffawing imbecile offspring of an increasingly embarrassing parasitic germline to command headlines just for being idiotic?  He's scapegoating secularism while pretending that different religions aren't fundamentally incompatible, even though he thinks all religions other than Christianity are wrong. 

As a nation, we’re impoverished by these royal dickheads, figuratively and literally.  Why can’t we just stop pretending they matter?  Why can’t we just stop pretending that everyone else isn’t laughing at us?

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