Sunday, June 20, 2010

Culture shock

There’s something weirdly disturbing about this. It’s a bizarrely specific question and I can’t imagine what could have motivated it.  Some of the answers are quite disturbing too.  A lot seem obsessed with breastfeeding, including one chap who seems to be genuinely terrified that his wife’s tits might still have “white stuff” in them.  Also bemusing is:

If a man is not happy, he would not think of sucking any breasts. It is only a happy man that does that.

I’d have thought it might cheer an unhappy man right up.  It certainly puts a smile on my face.  I’m also struggling to understand how one man apparently manages to sing songs while he’s sucking.

But I think the thing that WEIRDS ME OUT the most is the strange misogynistic vibe as though sex is something you do to rather than with someone.  Or perhaps it’s not misogyny on the part of these individuals, but of their religion/culture, which is presumably Islam.  Women are machines for producing babies.  It’s OK though, because they can be used for a man’s pleasure until they start churning out sprogs.  I think we’re coming close to an understanding of the motivations for asking the question after all. There’s clearly some anxiety about enjoying sex when it is clearly ‘for’ procreation and since breasts have a particular function in child-rearing, there’s some kind of strange conflict.  Or perhaps it’s just squick: there’s an evident preoccupation with the idea of ‘sharing’ parts of a woman’s body with the children.  OMG THERE’S MILK COMING OUT OF THOSE THINGS!!!!ONE!!

But there’s no shortage of strange and disturbing insanity on that site.  The topic this time is “What will make you pour acid on your wife?”

Again, you’ve got to wonder why even ask that question?  I cannot imagine another culture in which anyone would put effort into considering what would be the trigger for their maiming their wife in this bizarrely specific and horrific way.  To be clear: the practice is condemned in the article and thankfully every commenter says they wouldn’t do such a thing under any circumstances.  But there’s also a tacit assumption that whether or not you pour acid on your wife is a matter of personal preference rather than an open-and-shut case of being completely out of the question for anyone, ever, under any circumstance at all. 

There’s also the unsettling impression that infidelity (on the woman’s part, of course) is something that might possibly warrant having acid thrown on her, even though the respondents wouldn’t do this themselves.  Women are property and if they object to being forced into marriage or simply want to fuck someone else, it’s understandable that her husband might decide to maim her, apparently.  Let me put that another way: none of the comments condemn the practice of men pouring acid on their wives in principle and that is what disturbs me.

There is lots more insanity to feast upon, but it’s not all bad.  Some sensible things are said about condoms, although my endorsement is not without reservation.  For example, look at this.  I’ll resist the urge to comment or we’ll be here all day:

“I cannot do it without condom because I have not known her so well as to do that in confidence and trust that she is homely and well trained.”

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