Saturday, June 26, 2010

oh, sharia is being abused

“shari’a provisions are being abused to facilitate the influential persons to do injustice to the poor and vulnerable groups, especially the women, in order to retain or increase their so-called power.”

No, that’s what sharia requires. It’s not an abuse.  ‘Moderates’ are people who sometimes don’t do what they’re told by authority figures because they suspect it might be wrong.  But as I’ve said before, they don’t bother or don’t care or are too scared to actually do something about it.  They must.  Moderates enable extreme behaviour unless they go out of their way to prevent it.  It’s their responsibility to do so if they believe their religion to be peaceful.  Christians who believe you are moderate, I’m talking also to you.

Let me be explicit about what is happening here, just to make the point: women are being raped, then being punished for it.  Not just punished, BRUTALISED.  A practice that was obviously fully endorsed by family and community.  The rapists get off scott free.

This isn’t an abuse of sharia law, it is an enactment of it.

If you’re a muslim, you must tell your peers and your immams about this.  You must do everything you can to stop it happening again.  It’s your responsibility, isn’t it?  Well, isn’t it?

If you’re a christian, you must stop telling people that faith is in and of itself a good thing.  You must stop trying to give the impression that people of faith are by definition – in general – morally better than those without it.  Don’t you see how you’re enabling this barbarism?  Do you *really* believe that the blood isn’t partly on your hands?

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