Friday, June 11, 2010

Priests will stop raping children if people respect them more

Vatican investigators to Ireland appointed by Pope Benedict XVI are to clamp down on liberal secular opinion in an intensive drive to re-impose traditional respect for clergy, according to informed sources in the Catholic Church.

Where to start.  These are the people who are to investigate the widespread child abuse and longstanding cover ups that have become the very hallmark of the catholic church.  The thing that’s enabled the church to get away with this behaviour for so long is exactly the unearned respect demanded of and – bizarrely – given to the priesthood.  So there solution is to encourage more of this? 

And in what way do they get to ‘clamp down’ on this anyway?  Are they going to force respect?  Who gives them this authority?  Who do they think they are?

And perhaps even more importantly, why does nobody find it strange that the church is once again BLAMING THE VICTIMS?  The problem here isn’t the ordinary Irish Catholics, respectful or otherwise.  It is the church who systematically raped children for decades and routinely covered it up, putting still more of their captive children at risk.  They don’t get to blame this on a lack of ‘traditional’ values in people who didn’t commit those rapes and cover ups.

If you needed any more proof that the church doesn’t care about its victims and has no particular intention of changing or making things right, then look no further.  More respect for priests makes it easier for them to cover up their crimes.  Which means that fewer rapes will be reported.  Which is basically the same thing as not doing the rapes in the first place, right?   Right?

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