Monday, June 14, 2010

Surly Amy and other skeptical chicks

Things to buy!

Everyone should buy one because they seem to enrage Graham. I have this one:

which he can't quite cope with and I have one like this:

which I suspect he will cope with even more badly. I also really like this one:

although I don't think I could wear anything heart-shaped.

There are two good causes here: promoting critical thinking and enraging Graham. Even if you don't know Graham, I think you'll agree it's worth it. I yearn for a world where everyone has one except him, just to see what happens. And a world without zinc of course.

Nobody hasn't commented on my i-doubt-it pendant and it always leads to a discussion about critical thinking. Surly Amy does brilliant work and you can find more of her wisdom here:

If you're not reading skepchick already, of course, then I have this to say to you: you are a complete idiot.

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