Thursday, August 05, 2010

Catholic church spreads more evil

The Catholic church is opposed to sex education in the Philippines.  Sex education, including contraception, is the only reliable and sustainable way to eradicate poverty and to emancipate women in particular.

Monsignor Pedro Quitorio, a “spokesman for the highly influential Catholic Bishops Conference” doesn’t agree:

“He also said he did not agree with the view that a high birth rate traps people in poverty.”

You’d think that on such an important issue, impacting the lives of so many, he’d be able to cite evidence.  But he just states it as a fact and moves on.

"The problem here is the distribution of resources," he insisted.

Well yes.  The bishops have it all to spend on golden palaces.  But it seems likely to me that a family that can make informed choices about its offspring is less likely to experience and remain in poverty.

"Children are fragile creatures. The [education] department should be very, very careful not to teach children about matters they will imitate the following day.”

And here it is.  They set themselves up as sole arbiters of morality purely because of the control it affords them.  They don’t care that people don’t actually need or want to be controlled, that they suffer from others’ control of them or that the methods they use to achieve this control are themselves directly and very greatly harmful.

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