Monday, September 13, 2010

Credit where it’s due

The BBC’s Breakfast show has just done a reasonable job of stamping on homeopathic doctors who are peddling homeopathic ‘alternatives’ to vaccines.  Their pet doctor wasn’t having any of it and there was a strong sense that she wanted to be harsher than she was.  She said that people should never use homeopathy as an alternative to actual medicine, but if they want to use it in addition to medicine, well it’s their money.  She said it shouldn’t be funded by the NHS.  Decent stuff. 

They had a homoeopathist on (we must have ‘balance’, mustn’t we?  SHEESH) who made a big deal of the fact that she is a qualified doctor.  Notice how the proper doctor doesn’t go around waving her medical degree in people’s faces: it is naturally assumed that since she’s sticking needles in people and what-not, she’s properly qualified.  It’s the bare minimum requirement.  And yet with homeopathy, it’s seen as an extra and something to brag about.  She also claimed that there was evidence that homeopathy works (although she did say there was no evidence that it can be used to vaccinate anyone).  When everyone else said “no there isn’t” she basically said “yes there is, so there.”

Anyway, it was nice to see the BBC actually taking a responsible stand on a vaccination story.  I couldn’t quite let go of the feeling, though, that if homeopathy were being discussed in any other context (not vaccine-related) then they’d have given it a much easier time.

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