Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The even darker ages

Until recently there was a crocodile sanctuary in Belize.  It sounds as though it was great.  It was powered entirely by sustainable means (wind and sun); it ran educational programs and had research students.  It was a proponent of local eco-tourism in the best sense of the term.  Oh, and they protected endangered crocodiles, of course.

It has ceased to be.  We hear about this kind of thing from time to time.  A government changes its priorities, funding dries up, everyone suffers.  It’s a terrible thing.  But that’s not what happened here.  Instead, a local ‘psychic’ decided that two missing girls had been fed to crocodiles on the sanctuary and an insane mob destroyed the place.  The buildings are gone and the staff – who have been threatened with death – are understandably too scared to rebuild.  The mob shot some of the crocodiles and burned down the owner's house, which included a nursery for baby crocodiles.

There was no connection between the missing children and the sanctuary or it’s owners.  The only ‘connection’ was the insane one made by the ‘psychic’, which ruined lives, careers and the survival prospects of some beautiful, fascinating reptiles, all for a few hours of attention. 

As awful and culpable as the ‘psychic’ is, what is going on with this mob?  What were their actions supposed to achieve?  It sounds to me that they found a spurious ‘reason’ to commit some horrible, bestial acts and they went for it.  Scum.

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