Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What he said

PZ on accomodationism, in a reply to Josh Rosenau’s article.

I am unconvinced by these feeble appeasement tactics that don't really advance the ideas, but do leave people unperturbed from their comfortable positions of ignorance. But here's something else to consider, if the marshmallows of accommodationism are still committed to convincing me otherwise. Even if Rosenhouse's argument wasn't valid, if there were a thousand concrete empirical studies demonstrating that my approach was turning people into fundagelical Christians faster than a tent revival, it wouldn't matter. I'd still be me. I'd still express myself as I do, as I want, because that is all I ever do here — I have never considered myself to be competing in a popularity contest.

It's actually rather revealing that these guys would think that what their opponents say is somehow calculated to optimize positive reactions in the broadest possible demographic. They really don't have a grasp of this mysterious truth thing.

(Emphasis mine) 

Do what you do best.  Do it how you see fit.  You don’t have to be in the dubious business of counting converts to be an effective communicator or an educator of skeptical thought.

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