Monday, November 15, 2010

I’m a liar, get me out of here

The awful UK ‘reality’ show I’m a celebrity get me out of here! has a history of baiting egotistical idiots by putting a group of them together in a very slightly uncomfortable situation then getting the public to vote which of them will perform lurid forfeits such as eating insects and which of them should leave the jungle.  Or they have to fight to the death until there is ONE SUPREME CELEBRITY WHO WILL ENTERTAIN ALL. Or something, I’ve never seen it. 

In 2002, one of the celebrities was Uri Geller, who was apparently voted out quite early after annoying everyone into a coma.  This year, they have Gillian McKeith, fake doctor, litigious liar and horrible, horrible person.  She’s built an empire out of pretending she’s a real doctor (when she bought her PhD from an non-accredited degree mill) and humiliating fat people on national television under the guise of helping them with nutritional advice.  Judging by some of her output, she knows nothing about nutrition, chemistry or reality.  Ben Goldacre describes some of her idiocy here, as well as gleefully explaining that she’s no longer allowed to call herself a doctor on her various products.

Annyway, Gillian is in the jungle.  It’s hard to see how this can go well for her because like Geller, she is a deeply annoying person, but without any of his superficial charm.  And she’s already announced that she’s scared of insects, which is unlikely to work out well for her when the public has to vote for who should carry out insect-related tasks. 

I won’t be watching, but I predict that the public will turn on her fairly quickly and vote her onto every unpleasant task, causing her to storm off in tears.  Let’s hope so.

There’s a twitter campaign to get the hashtag #notarealdoctor trending.  The only downside I can see is that McKeith herself will be unaware of it until she gets back.  Pity that, because she’d be certain to wade in and start throwing threats about, lying, deleting ill-advised tweets and so on.  That would be pretty entertaining.  But let’s get the tag trending anyway: the more the public knows about McKeith’s lying awfulness while she’s at their beck and call, very much the better.

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