Sunday, November 07, 2010


I know what you’re thinking.  You really want to spew forth inconsequential babble like the rest of us, but you can’t run the risk that you might encounter a non-Christian.  Then Christianchirp is for you!

It’s thrilling stuff, packed to the rafters with the sorts of deep philosophical discourse we’ve come to expect in 140 characters. 

For example, JesusSaves raises an important issue:

i have always wondered: can atheists be moral? Why or why not?

Sadly, there are no replies yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the Twistian community gets to the bottom of it.

To be fair though, the level of inanity isn’t noticeably greater than tweets from any other group and to the site’s credit, the terms of use are nowhere near as preachy as I expected.  There’s this:

Because we publicly bill ourselves as a Christian site, we will not tolerate submissions of content that are examples of sensationalistic disrespect to the Christian faith, or to any bona fide religion, for that matter.  In other words, while you are free to challenge religious teachings or interpretations or ideas on any matter or issue, you may not do so in a vulgar manner.  This includes doing silly things like selecting an avatar that portrays Jesus drinking alcohol or having sex.  Let us keep the discourse elevated, people, and if not elevated, at least out of the gutter. 

which isn’t nearly as bad as  I expected.  Although alcohol, eh?  I seem to remember Jesus was quite fond of it.  Whether he was encouraging people to drink wine with their supper or buying everyone a round at a wedding, he seemed quite a party animal.

So Christianchirp isn’t offensive.  I was hoping to extract more comedy out of it, but credit where it’s due.  It’s early days though, so with any luck some batshit crazy fundamentalist types will join and give the rest of us more to laugh at.  And of course we’ve all come across policies of this sort before on religious sites and seen a somewhat flexibly applied definition of terms like “sensationalist disrespect”. 

So time will tell.  In the meantime, we can continue to wonder how these people managed to sign up for Christianchirp with their fingers in both ears. 

We could also wonder why they didn’t use the term ‘twistians’.  It’s so obvious that I’m not even going to google it.  I’m sure it’s been used before.  If not, I invented it, so hands off.

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