Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jerry Bergman lies about Darwin

This is unbelievably stupid stuff. Jerry Bergman is a creationist and an idiot.  He’s of the sort who without apparent shame blames the holocaust on evolution.  But for some reason people still invite him to give talks about crazy stupid shit.  His current tour is an excellent example.  He’s speaking about The Dark Side of Charles Darwin and was kind enough to publish the table of contents.  Here it is:

Part 1:
•Charles Darwin’s major goal in developing his theory was religious, he wanted to "murder" god (his words).
•He was active in "converting" all he could to his theory of origins.
•Darwin plagiarized most of his major ideas.
•Darwin was a racist of the worst kind and believed the lower races (the blacks) would go extinct.
•Darwin was opposed to helping the sick, but realized this idea would not go over well.
•Charles felt a wife was better than a dog (really!).
•He was severely mentally and physically ill, likely an agoraphobic.
•As a young man he was sadistic and loved to kill animals with anything he had: guns, sticks, even hammers!

Part 2:
•It is well known and well recognized that evolution is the doorway to Atheism.
•About 98 % of leading life scientists are Atheist.
•A major reason given to become an Atheist was evolution.
•The whole point of the evolution creation account is to demolish the theistic creation account.
•It takes more faith to be an Atheist than a Creationist.
•Dr. Bergman will cover the Atheist creation story as developed by Hawking and others to document this.
•Orthodox Evolution is defined as from nothing to everything purely by chance, time, and the outworking of natural law (which also originated by chance, time and natural law).

It’s quite hard to know where to begin, but what stands out to me is the fact that the entire lecture is one giant ad hominem attack.  Darwin could have been the nastiest, most unsavoury, immoral and sadistic man in history (he most certainly was not) and of course it wouldn’t make his theory any less true.  Attacking the man rather than his work is just plain sleazy and smacks of desperation.  Can Bergman really think of nothing better to say than Darwin was nasty?

Newton was quite a nasty man.  He held grudges, he sabotaged the careers of his enemies, he used his influence to harm people. But the planets still go about their business regardless.  Apparently, descriptions of reality don’t depend on the moral character of the describer but instead on what actually is and isn’t true.  For that matter, the bible says that god is a lot nastier than Darwin.  He committed multiple genocides; he punished offspring and even animals for the sins of their ancestors and owners; he tormented Job for reasons of pure caprice; he killed everyone on Earth apart from Noah’s family; and he came up with the brilliant idea of original sin.

So given that the entire premise of the lecture is pointless, I’m not sure where we can go, but Bergman’s sleaziness doesn’t stop there.  You see, Darwin wasn’t a particularly unpleasant fellow, so Bergman has to lie to make his already nonsensical point.

I’m not going to expose the lies one by one, they are there for all to see.

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