Friday, March 11, 2011

Skateboard sex

This book looks pretty good. If you doubt me, check out the negative reviews.  It’s a sex education book for young kids and features magnificent pictures like this:

My first thought on seeing this picture was “look at how much fun they seem to be having”.  The first thing the Christian Institute thought was that it’s obscene and will corrupt our children’s minds.

We seem somehow to have convinced ourselves that the only purposes of sex education are to promote sexual health and prevent teenage pregnancy.  These are very good reasons for sex education, but there’s another one: shouldn’t we also be telling kids that while sex carries consequences, it doesn’t carry guilt?  Shouldn’t we be telling them that sex is supposed to be fun for both parties – as this picture seems to illustrate – and that you can do it whichever way you like (skateboard optional)?

The entirety of my school sex education was as follows:

  • A video that showed a naked boy and girl and - shockingly at the time – a hairy and bored-looking naked adult couple.  The video described the various changes we ought to expect.
  • Another video with an hour long convoluted setup involving teenagers on an improbable camping trip which ends with *AnD tHeN sHe GoT PREGNANT!!!!! PREGNANT!!!!* Without describing how this might have occurred.
  • I think she got sent off somewhere and he ended up in prison or the workhouse or something.
  • There was a handout, which was a photocopy of a photocopy of a colour diagram of a cross section of a penis inserted into a cross section of a vagina. It was so badly drawn and reproduced that it wasn't actually possible to tell where one ended and the other began. We couldn't even work out which way up it was supposed to be. It looked more like a fractal than anything else.
  • We also got one assembly talk about how girls who wear makeup are evil and that boys need to be wary of girls' evil wiles.  Boys are unable to control themselves around girls, who are to be blamed for sex.  You can tell it was a religious school, can’t you?
  • We also, confusingly, had a special school-wide telling-off because we had a teacher called Mr Condon, with inevitable results. This perhaps conveyed more information about sexual health and happiness than the others put together.

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