Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, I watched the skies in vain for flying naked people, but hardly anyone seems to have got raptured.  We’re all laughing at the idiot Harold Camping, but it’s not really funny.  This woman tried to kill herself and her two daughters because she was afraid of the coming rapture.  This family dashed itself apart because of the imaginary end of the world.  The mother left her job so she could spread the news about Judgment Day and they stopped saving for their kids’ education and told one of them, aged 16, that she was going to be left behind.

Camping is an attention whore.  Well, he was until last night: no sign of his smug face today.  He is directly and without question largely responsible for these tragedies.  He is entirely responsible for fleecing people out of a great deal of money which was used to promote the woefully idiotic not-rapture and thereby himself, which I suspect was his aim.  Those people ought to sue him.  But they won’t.

We’ll eventually get excuses from Camping, I expect.  Probably when he’s figured out what went wrong with his calculations this time and he’s come up with a new date.  But we won’t get an apology.  We won’t hear him say he’s sorry for frightening people.  We won’t hear him admitting that he’s an irresponsible idiot who should learn to stay quiet.

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