Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jesus vs Batman

This is hilarious.  What is it about religion that robs people of every speck of a sense of humour? 

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What we’re looking at is a discussion about who would win in a fight between Batman and Jesus.  The faith-heads seem befuddled at best, almost as though they’re not used to having to defend their rote-learned arguments…

It’s a superb example of trolling by a master.

h/t PZ Myers

Update: I wanted to highlight Julie’s post which includes:

To come to think of it, He is a merciful God which explains why He’s still letting us live until this day.  He has the power to take away our life anytime, any day. But it’s because of His grace that we our given a chance to carry our cross and follow the Lord.

Could anything be more devastatingly indicative of a religious mind-set?  It’s mercy that allows us to continue existing under the capricious, arbitrary smallprint that we agree to by virtue of being born.  This one quote from Julie pulls the teeth from Pascal’s Wager all by itself.  I will not live a life of servitude as a slave to stave off the miniscule chance that one of a multitude of religions happens to be right despite all the evidence to the contrary.  I wish you didn’t feel you have to waste your life, Julie.

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