Monday, May 16, 2011

Look at me, I’m latsot

There’s been some backlash lately about people posting under pseudonyms with some prominent people either disliking the idea (such as Jerry Coyne) or downright despising it (such as Ophelia Benson). 

I get the point to some extent.  Pseudonyms can be used to protect people from the courage part of having convictions.  They can be used to sock-puppet.  I understand why people might prefer real names.

I don’t really agree, though.  I’ve been posting on dozens of forums using the nym latsot for more than 15 years, I guess.  I’ve posted things I’ve later regretted, sometimes.  I’ve been rash and stupid on occasion.  But almost always under the same name and I guess those cringeworthy posts are there for anyone to find if they want to.  I’ll fess to them all.  Latsot is the identity I’ve developed over many years and I think it’s the identity I’m going to continue posting under for the time being. 

But I was never hiding.  Latsot was just a username to begin with and something I got used to.  The nature of forums kind of changed slowly and subtly until integrity across multiple sites began to matter.  Logins became usernames became display names became identities.

I think a lot of people recognise me as latsot and I’ll stay latsot for now.  But I was never hiding.  It was always rather easy to track down who I really am, if anyone wanted to. I never hid.  But in case it was ever confusing to anyone and in case anyone really wanted to find me for any misbegot reason, here I am.  Find me at as ever.

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