Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rebecca Watson at the global atheist convention in Dublin

Rebecca took part in a panel discussion on communicating atheism.  She did something important: she pointed out that there are barriers to women communicating atheism that simply don’t exist for men.  She illustrated this by reading out some emails she’s received which threaten rape among other things.  Her message was that you can certainly be a successful female atheist activist, but you’ll open yourself to risk by putting your head above the parapet. 

Now look at the comments.  Rebecca herself points out this one in particular, which is odious:

The fuck, AdamLore, is that she made a good point very well and you’ve just proved that point even further.

There are some other examples:

Woman this woman that... Spesial woman needs that... Bla bla bla... *yawn*

Woman at risk... Evil men.... Blablabla... So tired of this shit... Have a cup of "Shut the f**k up!"

Godfred78 27 minutes ago

Godfred78: Rebecca doesn’t demand special treatment. She just rather feels that she doesn’t deserve to be threatened with rape and death solely because she’s a female who communicates atheism and skepticism.  She doesn’t deserve to be told to shut the fuck up: if you can argue with her, go ahead, but don’t pretend what she has to say isn’t relevant or valuable. And don’t embarrass me as a male by proving her point even more. You’re tired of women wanting to be treated equally and your response is to demand that women shut up?  What a man.  Did I say man?  I meant wanker.

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