Monday, June 13, 2011

Who voted for you, Your Grace?

Well this is fairly hilarious.  I had the germ of the same idea when this weasel first started criticising present day politics but I didn’t work it through.  It’s entirely my fault: I hadn’t realised that the church had caught up with Darwin yet, let alone the UK government coalition, so he caught me off guard.  The link is very funny, but as usual I’m going to up the ante.

The king of the Church of England, Dr Rowan Williams, has criticised our government for doing things nobody voted for.  That’s not quite how democracy works, of course. We don’t get to yank our leaders out of power because they didn’t shut up that barking fucking dog next door like the nice man who called on election day promised he would.  He wasn’t even all that nice and, if anything, the dog has barked more since.  But on the other hand, I didn’t actually vote for him, so I’m not sure what moral authority I’m actually entitled to.

This is the exact reason democracy doesn’t work like that. We don’t vote for policies, we vote for parties we hope might implement policies.

There’s a problem with Williams complaining about politics, which is that he wields his own political power. Many millions of people submit to or at least acknowledge his made-up moral authority.  Many of those will back the dubious political cause Williams seems set on.

But Rowan: nobody elected you. You are speaking as a representative of millions, yet nobody got to vote you in there. And, as the article says, nobody voted for the ten commandments either.

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