Tuesday, July 05, 2011

OK, maybe it’s an over-reaction now


While I’m on Rebecca’s side and I think Richard’s comments were clueless and that he damn well should have known better, I’m not keen on taking my bat in.  Richard has the opportunity to learn something here.  If he does learn the lesson and has his consciousness raised, then he’ll be the better for it and so will lots of other people.  If he fails to learn the lesson, then Rebecca is right and Richard is nowhere near as cool as we thought.

I’m not sure Rebecca is right to say he doesn’t care.  I suspect he probably does, but somehow doesn’t understand the problem.  It’s bewildering, he kinda oughta should and I can’t quite imagine how it’s lost on him, but ignorance is OK.  Refusing to learn is not.

Let’s see how he responds in the coming days.  If he comes to understand the point and changes his tune I’ll admire him all the more. If he doesn’t…. I’m not sure what I’ll think.

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