Friday, July 15, 2011

Primate gets in on the not-pology racket

Cardinal Seán Brady has kinda-sorta apologised for the child abuse in Coyne.  Somehow, however, I don’t think he was very sincere.

“It is a very bad day,” Cardinal Brady said in Portadown yesterday when asked what the report meant for the Catholic Church. “It saddens me greatly. I am very upset. I want to apologise – as Archbishop Clifford has apologised – to all the victims of abuse and to their parents and families.

The day the report comes out, laying out the abuse and the lies for all to see, is the bad one.  I don’t think the victims will see it that way. We can only hope that their darkest days are behind them.  Doesn’t Brady think this might just be a little insulting?

“If there is one positive thing to come out of this it is the confirmation that the church structures have been proven to be effective,” he added.

Excuse me?  Effective?  Effective at what, exactly? At protecting the church from scandal, presumably.  Certainly not effective at protecting children.  Again, I’m not sure the victims will see it quite the same way as Brady.

Like everyone else in the church queuing up to apologise, Brady goes in for crazy levels of indirection to make it all seem like a little bit of unpleasantness rather than a horror show.  He’s a master of it:

Welcoming the Cloyne report, he said it represented “another dark day in the history of the response of church leaders to the cry of children abused by church personnel”.

This is a response to the ‘cry’ of children, not a response to the fact that priests are raping children.  Children cry all the time about the least little thing.  Doesn’t sound quite so bad that way, does it?

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