Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nobody’s bothered

Loath as I am to link to the Daily Mail, this article claims that 2/3 of schools in England ignore their nonsensical legal requirement to provide a daily act of ‘collective worship’.

So that’s good.  2/3 of schools aren’t wasting their or their pupils’ time by teaching them magic.

Some of the comments are astonishing though, as you’d expect from Mail readers.  Here’s a few at random.

This one seems to be a threat of some kind, but I can’t for the life of me work out what the threat is or who is being threatened:

UK: Your Godlessness is a vacuum and it is will be filled. You can look to your roots in Christianity if your wish to remain identifiable British (barely at this point), or be replaced. There are several groups up to the task and IN your nation. It's up to you.

- Phil, Ottawa, Canada

Sully seems unaware of the irony in his own post:

I'm glad, we should go back to worshipping God, we were a better off country with respect for each other and morals. All of you atheists who disagree, get off this planet. It's for the God worshippers

- Sully, Yorkshire

Jones hasn’t troubled him or herself to read the 10 commandments before endorsing them.  I’m struggling to understand why teaching kids metaphors that are so poorly constructed that you have to spend even more time explaining the supposed morality tale within is a better idea than just teaching them about morality in plain English.  Especially since the parables are invariably told  as though they are true stories.

It would be a shame if it were banned. It was one way to teach people right from wrong, to teach them some moral behaviour, how to behave towards each other. I don't believe in God or an afterlife, but I think the ten commandments aren't a bad piece of guidance and the parables and other stories could illustrate or model good behaviour. You can listen to the stories and sermons, take what is good from them and make your own minds up if there is a God or not.

- Jones, Germany

I’m pretty sure I was behind this guy in the supermarket queue the other day.  He was buying mint imperials and string and leather driving gloves:

People seem to forget that we are a Christian Country and from time began we prayed to God, no matter how mythical it may seem. It It is the duty of a Christian Country to teach and pray. Unfortunately those growing up today have no idea of what happened in the last two wars but pray we did for victory over our oppressors. We have so much immigration that our religion seems to be second when it should be first. Other religions will attempt to take over if we let religion die a natural death in the UK. I have been through two world wars and all people prayed at school and church. I believe I am better because of it but do not attend Church very often. Bring it back in all schools.

- Don , East Anglia

And finally, of course, atheists are paedophiles:

all children should be made to study the Book of Proverbs. It will save them one day and bring up decent folk. Unlike the unruly, free thinkers what our society is becoming. Looting, drunkenness, adultery and selfishness the way of life now. Next thing, the Me, Myself and I society will be fighting for their rights to have sex with our kids. Its coming, just read daily how more and more women paedophiles (in schools too) are on the increase along with the general public beginning to accept kids in various risky adult pose. Isnt there an article here about a mother dressing up her toddler to look like the prostitute in the movie Pretty Woman? No one stopped it? Silence is as good as acceptance. Go on, red flag me and prove me right,.. this is a godless society and its perverted.

- mutal, uk, 7/9/2011 3:37

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