Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dear Emma B: A moving post

I remember this from when PZ first posted it and now it’s been deservedly nominated for an award.  It’s an open letter PZ wrote to a child who was proud of asking a stupid question.  She was proud because it was what Ken Ham taught her to say and she thought she was doing a good job.  The incident threw the horror show of Ham’s ‘teaching’ into sharp relief.  As PZ points out, the question Emma asks is a bad one for all sorts of reasons.  It doesn’t do a thing to determine whether a proposition is true or false.  It was meant (by Ham, presumably not by Emma B) to ridicule; to cast doubt on science in the minds of people who already want to believe it’s wrong.

PZ’s letter is excellent.  It describes why the question is a bad one and offers a better question to ask instead.  It’s a beautiful piece of writing, too.

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