Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jesus and Mo do it again

An oldie, but Very Nice: http://www.jesusandmo.net/2011/11/16/sssh2/

15 years or so ago, I was what I’d today call an accommodationist. I didn’t believe in any kind of god or any other supernatural fuckwittery, but I felt compelled to respect other people’s beliefs.

‘Compelled’ is the right word. I didn’t really respect those beliefs. But I felt like I was supposed to so I mumbled along with the nonsense on the few occasions I could be dragged into a church and I let people drone on about the quantumness of crystals or the fractalness of spirituality, knowing it was nonsense, letting it slide and hating myself for it.

Presumably there was a single moment when I suddenly realised that I didn’t actually have to respect idiotic beliefs at all, but I don’t remember it.  It’s a pity, because it must have been a pretty decent revelation. The only thing I can compare it to is the day I suddenly realised I could say no when my boss asked me to do stupid work.  Until then, I didn’t know I could. That was a dramatic shift in the power balance between employer and employee which has never reversed.  It was immensely liberating and so was the revelation that I owe nothing to the feelings of people who believe stupid things, so I’m sorry I can’t remember it.

“So what?” is a powerful question.  So what if I offend you?  You’ve never cared about whether you offend me.

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