Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter wrings out the stupid like fetid water from a soiled mop

You can always rely on Rowan Williams for sub-standard thinking and he hasn’t disappointed this Easter weekend. Religious education is being “downgraded” in schools, he says, and that’s wrong.

Younger people take religion seriously when they have the chance to learn about it, he said.

I think he’s lying.  When I was young, the more I learned about religion, the more I recognised it was bullshit.  Williams doesn’t want children to learn about religion, he wants us to be told about it, by authority figures.

Dr Williams said a hostility towards faith and religion in public life may have been tempered by a recent appreciation of the social value of religion.

Hostility toward faith seems likely to have been forged in recent times by things like churches systematically covering up child rape by priests to save the church by throwing the victims under the bus.  I don’t think ‘tempered’ means what Williams thinks it means.  Hostility toward faith, forged in the fires of the church's own making, is being tempered by their consistent inability to admit their wrongdoing; their blithering attacks on secular thinking; and their dithering between religious literalism and wishy-washy metaphorical interpretations depending on the whims of political expediency.

But he said the ultimate test of Christianity was not whether it was beneficial to the human race, but whether the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happened.

For once, I agree with him!  So presumably he’ll spend the remaining months of his office providing evidence that it happened?  Since that’s the most important thing?  Right?

He won’t once again contradict himself by saying that some of that stuff is metaphorical and what matters is a deep, ingrained spirituality? And then ten minutes later insist that homosexuality is wrong?

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