Friday, May 11, 2012

Awful awful awfulness

I struggle sometimes to understand people’s motivations.  The current Mrs Latsot, like many other people, suffers from chronic migraine. It’s a horrible condition.  Aside from the pain, the necessity to take medication every day (with its side-effects) and the need to avoid certain foods, drinks and other chemicals: migraine sufferers lose days when they could be doing something – anything - else. 

The good news is that migraine as a condition is becoming more widely understood and better treatments are emerging.  One proposed treatment is Botox.   There seems to be good evidence that it helps people cope with chronic migraine. NICE says that it’s a good treatment and if it turns out to be cost effective, Botox could become available for chronic migraine sufferers on the NHS. 


There are articles about this all over the news including – inevitably – one in the Daily Mail. And there are comments.  Look at this one:

I used to get botox injection for migraines 7 years ago and the muscle injected in my neck was completly solid, trying to inject it would bend the needles, the muscles spasms were so severe I was told they were pushing my spine out of shape. The trouble for me the injections only gave relief for 1 month and I could only have the injections once every six months and because the needles would bend sometimes it wasn't a pleasant experience. So now I put up it and try and carry on as normal with the view not much can be done about the problem. I get a migraine nearly everyday.

- Mickey Mouse, London, 11/5/2012 12:38

Well, that’s a lie. Your muscles bent needles? Are you a fucking golem?  The Botox caused muscle spasms, did it?  And they threatened your spine? Odd that nobody else has ever suffered any such symptoms.

It’s nonsense and a complete lie.  What possible motivation could this person have to make such a lying, hurtful, harmful comment? 

Mickey Mouse, London, has decided for no good reason that Botox is a bad medicine and that their personal arrogant opinion trumps science, objective reality and above all common decency.  This person wants people to suffer because he or she doesn’t like the treatment, for no good reason.

Mickey Mouse, London is obviously a liar and more obviously a horror show of a human being. 

If Botox really does help people with chronic migraine lead lives more free of pain, deprivation and horribleness, then it can’t be trumped by the personal squeamishness of idiots.  Spreading lies to try to enforce that squeamishness is the most cowardly, bullying, horrible thing a supposed human can do.

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