Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Pope’s butler

Just as we learn the incongruous fact that the Pope has a butler, he doesn’t have one any more, because he’s had him arrested for leaking details of corruption in Vatican City.  There isn’t much detail about the corruption in the press, but it seems to involve personal correspondence from the Pope implicating him in awarding state contracts to preferred people.  The butler is now in the Pope’s private prison, I’ve no idea what sort of justice he can expect.

The Pope is supposedly ‘shocked and saddened’ at the leaks, but apparently not at the wrongdoing itself.  This is a familiar response: Ratzinger didn’t care in the slightest about institutional child rape in his church but did everything he could to cover it up.

There are equally predictable claims that this is part of some kind of plot to discredit Ratzinger.  I’m not sure how his credit could be further reduced having clearly enabled child rape and protected child rapists for decades. It’s hard to see how a bit of financial corruption could be worse than that.  If I were going to go all conspiracy theory on his holy ass, I’d say it was a plot to distract people from more serious crimes.  But I doubt it.  It’s more likely that the church is just guilty of lots of different horrible things.

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