Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The fool sayeth in the comments

There are some depressing comments to this article. Todd Stiefel asks some questions about the reliability of the bible as a description of Jesus’ life.  It’s good stuff.  For example, he asks why – if Jesus was a deity and willing to use miracles to prove it – he would cure lepers rather than leprosy. He asks why people take the bible seriously when it contains all those errors and contradictions.

But the comments are woeful.  The second comment is Pascal’s Wager, for goodness sake!

But things get especially bad when user Leopold explains what evolutionists believe about evolution.  Here it is:

This is what you believe.

Before there was anything there was nothing.

Then it (nothing) exploded.

After that “it” somehow organized itself into planets and stars.

The genius, that calls itself evolution then had an idea.

It arranged the planets and stars in an extraordinary way.

Thank God, oops! I mean thank evolution, that it thought about putting a moon and a sun and all the other heavenly bodies in just the right position to make life on earth possible.

The miracle of evolution was that somehow a body of water managed to collect itself in different places. That gave evolution more choice from which to start life.

It stirred the waters of the deep and tried and tried to bring forth LIFE.

And then – somehow it succeeded. There was a cell!

Evolution somehow made sure there was enough light and air for this cell to develop.

This cell somehow divided itself into all kinds of different cells.
The cell changed itself over and over again until it was able to somehow crawl out of the water.

As it continued to develop it left some other cells behind which then somehow turned into plants.  From a blade of grass to a rose. From one original cell. Amazing!

Now through this process other cells were left behind to become bushes and trees. From one original cell. Amazing!

We are not exactly sure when this split between bushes and trees happened. But the evidence that it did is all around us.

Other cells turned into fish, dinosaurs, horses, elephants, mice, birds, fleas, giraffes, dogs, apes, etc. etc.

And then, – I can hardly contain my joy, – man and woman came to be. Yep, it did that. All from one original cell. Amazing!

Now we don’t know exactly how many generations of apes and monkeys were deformed, and then later humans, failed to survive.

When did evolution figue it out that two legs of the same length and two arms are better then one short leg without a foot.

How many times did evolution fail to get the eye, or the stomach right.

Never mind this thing called feelings.

How many people must have bled to death when injured, because the function that stops bleeding today, was not well developed.

How many died before the body had the ability to built anti-bodies to certain things.

Can you even begin to appreciate the time it took for one man and one woman to be able to produce a child? I mean really, it is genius.
Over time the penis was long enough to reach into the woman’s ****** to mingle with her eggs. Only evolution knows how the eggs came to be. All from one original cell. Amazing.

And when or why did evolution stop? I haven’t heard of anything that crawled out of water to become something, lately.

Well, There you have it, evolution: The survival of the fittest.

You know what?  I don’t really believe Leopold thinks evolution works like that.  I think it’s just another version of Lying for Jesus.  The alternative is that he genuinely believes this is what all evolutionists think happened and not one has spotted the flaws that are so obvious to Leopold.  I doubt Leopold knows (or cares) how evolution actually works, but I strongly suspect he doesn’t think anyone but dishonest creationists claims it works that way.

In a follow-up post, he says something extraordinary:

This is the difference between Christians and Atheists. If scientists have absolute proof that God used evolution for creating everything, we will be much more open to that concept then you [atheists] are to creation right now.

In other words, he says that Christians would only accept the fact of evolution if there was absolute proof that god did it and this makes them more open-minded than people who accept it on evidence (regardless of whether god did it) than people who reject creationism precisely because there is no evidence.  This is a particularly twisty form of Begging the Question and the most preposterous logic I’ve seen for some time. 

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