Saturday, June 02, 2012

Idiots make the relatively benign accusations about them ten million true

Look at this horror show.

Just look at it.

Look at the post, unless you cringe yourself to death doing so, then look at the comments.


I don’t really know how to respond to this or whether there’s even a point.  So I’ll just leave it at this work of apparently oblivious idiocy by SkepticAtheist:

Rebecca Watson is nothing but a religious radical feminist bully, who makes a career from being a professional victim.

I support Rebecca Watson wholeheartedly on this issue. DJ is a disappointment and often oblivious. He seems more concerned about describing the politics than the reality.

And there are women being abused at conferences like this and political buggers like DJ explaining carefully that it’s not abuse if he doesn’t say it’s abuse. And if someone says there’s abuse, they are harming the movement and should be quiet.

Fuck you, DJ.  I despise your smarmy behaviour and your oblivious reaction to reasonable complaints.  You are an enabler of these horrible idiots attacking people like Rebecca for stupid reasons. You are really pissing your responsibility up against the wall.

Rebecca would be a terrible person if she persuaded women to attend events at which they are demonstrably – as sites like the above show – not safe.  She’s right and I am DISGUSTED to have to admit it.

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