Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jesus & Mo on ‘sophisticated theology’ for more.

One of the most frequent allegations levelled against Richard Dawkins in the wake of The God Delusion was that his theology wasn’t sophisticated enough and that he didn’t know enough about religion to criticise it. 

Atheists such as Jerry Coyne and PZ Myers counter-argued that ‘sophisticated theology’ turns out to be pretty empty stuff when you actually read it.  Lots of it involves redefining god so his existence can’t be disproved (by throwing out any claims about god that can be tested and using words like ‘transcendent’). 

These counter-arguments are valid and entertaining, but there’s a more fundamental one: the things actual religious people say about their religion are – as the barmaid puts it – absurd and are without evidence of any plausible standard.

This should be enough for any rational person to discount religion. We don’t need to know any more about it than that.

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