Monday, July 09, 2012

No religion = riots

Taking part in a riot can be an ecstatic, spiritual experience, says The Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells*

I bet he does. I bet he does. You see, that way he car argue (without the slightest evidence) that the reason people riot is a lack of spiritual experience elsewhere and the cure for this is of course (again without evidence) religion.

In a brilliant flash of self-importance, the church has even invented a new kind of sin to explain riots:

The report said that clergy have been ‘working with the concept of structural sin which recognises how people on all sides of conflicts can face moral choices that are not between what is clearly right and clearly wrong but which are necessitated by circumstances in response to situations where much has gone wrong already’.

It doesn’t really seem to work.  The moral choice facing the rioters in the UK last year was not ‘necessary’: they were not forced to choose whether or not to riot. There was no social injustice so great that they had no option but to….break into shops and steal trainers or mug innocent and bewildered victims in the streets… 

Structural sin seems more like a further excuse for the church to meddle in politics.

*Warning, may not drown babies in the font during baptisms then eat them in the vestry later.

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