Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So late to the party that all there’s left to drink is Malibu and tins of Carlsberg with fag ends in

So……Paula Kirby, then.  I’ve been meaning to write about her for some time, but the whole business is so depressing and I haven’t had time to do the whole business justice.  Fortunately, now that everyone else has had a go, I don’t have to.

I knew Paula when she was a fledgling atheist on the RDF forum, a curious, insightful person letting go of god.  She (rightly) impressed a lot of people and gained a deservedly large audience.   This is why her recent behaviour is so depressing: it’s unpleasant indeed to see someone I previously admired acting like such an idiot

I first heard her views on sexism at the World Atheist Convention in Dublin (yes, the Elevatorgate one). I was surprised then at her message that everything was totally fine and there was no problem with sexism in the movement. Fortunately, Rebecca was there to show us more of the ugly side of skeptical and atheistic sexism.  It’s great that Paula has never had problems with sexism, but it’s somewhat perverse to argue from that position that sexism isn’t a problem.

And now she’s taken to writing stupid shit.

I’ve made a few attempts at dissecting parts of her fact-free essay but others have got there before me. Jadehawk has a good one, for example.  I don’t think I have much to say that Jadehawk didn’t except to stress that I still don’t understand what bullying Paula and her friends are referring to.  She doesn’t provide a single example of such bullying in her essay and I haven’t been able to ask her about it on Twitter because she blocked me for politely asking her about a separate (but equally stupid) comment she posted there.

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