Thursday, August 30, 2012

Local news

You can’t beat local news.  Look at this, there’s a Bermuda Triangle in the North East of England.  Only for pigeons, not planes or boats:

Hey, I live in the North-East England Bermuda Triangle for Pigeons!

Hm… there is one massive big fat pigeon that visits our garden every day. I wonder if he’s eating all the other pigeons?

The comments section for that story is the feelgood story of the year.  It turns out Jez found an injured racing pigeon in the garden. Various people told Jez who to contact and the situation was resolved when Jez contacted the racing pigeon website (racing pigeons have their own site?)

The other big news story around here is this crash:

Caption: Two Arriva buses – one double-decker, one single-decker  - collide in Northgate, Darlington, close to Boots.  No one was hurt. An investigation has been launched.  Picture: STACEY FLETCHER

My favourite line from the story is this:

No one was injured in that incident, although dozens of onlookers came to witness the spectacle.

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