Thursday, November 01, 2012


Chris French is being mean to psychics again by, you know, asking them to demonstrate the things they say they can do. It’s…… kind of nostalgic.  It’s nice to see people still doing this kind of thing, it’s important. These people are conning and hurting people.

It’s a perfectly standard tale. The psychics agreed to the tests. They felt that they were a good test of their abilities and that they’d easily pass.  When they failed, they criticised the tests. Those ones they were perfectly happy with before the test and confident about passing throughout.

This is the standard response or psychics, of course.  If the test proves them wrong, then the test was wrong. And they were having a bad day. Their powers come and go, you see. Oh, and the proximity of skeptics somehow blocks psychic ability.  So they didn’t stand a chance, really, despite agreeing to all the conditions beforehand.

There’s a Daily Mail article about it here.  And as a bonus, the comments section already has people saying that only women believe in psychics!  Oh, and a pseudoscience overload in the sidebar.  Besides those things, the article isn’t too bad by DM standards.

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