Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Shame on Bristol University

Bristol University Christian Society has banned women from speaking at events and teaching at meetings unless their husbands are also involved.

Seriously.  They really have. They think this is a ‘secondary issue’.  Women being treated as human beings is a secondary issue of not much importance to the church. Why is everyone making such a fuss about it?

But you have to understand that they are just striving for inclusivity.  Inclusivity of people who think women are secondary, that is.  Not remotely inclusive of people who are women, of course.  At least the society’s International Secretary had the decency to resign over the issue.

This is what Ophelia Benson has to say about it. She’s spot on as usual.  Read the whole thing, but to whet your appetite:

Hey, fuck you, dude – women are not secondary. Nobody is secondary. You don’t get to exclude people from the important work and call that “secondary.” You don’t get to treat people as inferior and subordinate and Not Allowed, and then treat your doing that as “secondary.”

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