Sunday, January 06, 2013

@elevatorgate is a gentleman. He says so.

In this post, @elevatorgate sort of apologises for calling Matt Dilahunty a “fat twat”. But he also talks bewildering wank about he – @elevatorgate – being a gentleman and a patient adherent of logic, rather than a loathsome piece of shit.
I answered him, but since he doesn’t usually allow comments from me out of moderation and has been known to edit comments, I’m posting my reply here.
I say “he” although there are supposedly two of them now. Two liars. Two desperate teenagers crying in their mothers; basements because some grown-ups sometimes say things they don’t want to be true.
Who I am does not change the validity of my arguments
No, but it helps you feel brave enough to make personal attacks on people with relative impunity. It seems very likely that you wouldn't act like such a dick if you had to face any real consequences. I'm not just talking about your comments on Dilahunty, but your sneering, distorting and often plain outright untrue posts on those people you seem so much to obsessively dislike.
This is dishonest, cowardly and extremely pathetic. You harass people and run away to hide with your tail between your legs while somehow considering yourself a hero. It's very obvious to everyone why you don't have the courage of your convictions: you don't have anything substantive to say and all this bluster is a frantic attempt to justify irrational hatred.
Besides, what arguments? I've never seen a single argument from you. I've seen childish distortions and videos other people have made, but as far as I'm aware you've never even had the courage to say exactly what it is about people like Rebecca that you find so objectionable, let alone to provide any arguments about why they're wrong and you're right.
I have been a gentleman and have had the patience of a saint. Truly! At this stage, I can only conclude some of you are either indoctrinated, stupid, trolling or mentally ill. I don’t have time to keep doing this. I will have to bow out, soon
A gentleman, eh? Gentlemen sneer at people they dislike while failing to offer any substantial arguments against their ideas, do they? Gentlemen call people fat (It wasn't just Dilahunty, you've done it at least twice before) rather than address their arguments in a civilised and coherent fashion, do they? Do they constantly refer to people by silly and supposedly demeaning (but actually pathetic and wearisome) names? Do they deliberately and repeatedly cherry-pick and distort what people are saying? Do they bully people? Do they kick people when they're down? Do they revel in ad hominem attacks? You do all these things daily.
I'd expect a gentleman - or a lady - to exhibit patience, reserve and - above all - respect. You have never displayed the slightest hint of any one of these traits, which rather undermines your claim to be a gentleman. But perhaps you're working on a different definition of "gentleman" to the rest of us. You know, a wrong definition.
And patience? Patience with *what*, exactly? You don't like what some people say and feel entitled to do whatever you want - regardless of how loathsome and dishonest your tactics - to stop them saying it. I don't see any patience being deployed here. I see the exact opposite: a frenzied attempt to discredit people you don't like without ever bothering to develop actual arguments refuting their ideas.
we have tried reason, logic.
No. You really haven't. You have tried to bully and harass. You've never come close to attempting reason. You don't know what reason is. HINT: the clue is right there in the word: "reason".

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