Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Heartfelt apology

Avicenna was told he has lots to apologise for, so he did.
You see, when we spoke out against rape and when I covered the ways that Indian culture failed with regards to rape I made a horrible mistake.
I forgot to delineate between the men who rape and the men who do not. I also forgot to delineate between men in different parts of the world who rape because the American Football (Handegg) Rape and the subsequent support for the rapists is clearly due to different American Issues than the horrific Indian Rape. I forgot to delineate between these horrible monsters and the nice guys and a few people have decided to tell me so in often very irate ways. I have seen the error of my ways and I am sure Taslima will too. I also know that principles don’t feed children so I am willing to trade on mine and make an apology.
I am Sorry.
Yeah, rookie mistake. Clearly he and Taslima should specifically name all the non-rapists so there’ll be no further confusion.

But perhaps the irony in Avicenna’s post is too thick for some to penetrate. Perhaps these people need to be told explicitly that failing to believe that friends could be rapists contributes to rape and to rape culture. It promotes the idea that bitches be lying to some devious and dubious end that I’ve never been able to fathom. Perhaps they need to realise that the fact that they themselves wouldn’t rape does not make rape rare or make it any less likely that people they perceive as being like them are rapists or potential rapists.

Maybe they should understand that while @everydaysexism isn’t rape, it contributes to the pressure on women not to voice their complaints about sexist behaviour, including rape. Could they possibly learn that if they confront @everydaysexism rather than ignoring it or explaining it away, they can discourage sexual assault, make it easier for victims to report attacks and more likely that the perpetrators will be prevented from doing it again?

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