Saturday, February 02, 2013

How did skepticism ever survive without Richard Reed?

I try my best to call out people who call themselves skeptics but in fact fall for logical fallacies and poor reasoning (a classic example is the “skepchicks” who try and incorporate the dogmas of radical feminism into skepticism). To extend the military analogy, I see people like myself as the military police. We don’t fight on the front line, but we patrol the ranks looking for people who are trying to infiltrate skepticism with their non-skeptical ways. The more people like myself blog about the non-skeptics in the movement, the easier it is for people to see their wrongdoings.
Thanks, Richard. It’s good to know that you are the sole arbiter of what skepticism is and that you and your militia are protecting everyone from the wrong kind of skepticism by making ineffectual posts about people you don’t like.
Keep it up. If we ever actually do need an example of what skepticism isn’t, we won’t have to look far.

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