Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh dear.

Jesus, why did you let those kids at Sandy Hook die?

"A book extending sympathy, hope, comfort, and faith during this terrible tragedy of that unthinkable crime against those children during Christmas time. Rekindling faith and hope in God. Rembering the precious souls who died and their families. Also sending comfort to those children who are still alive who witnessed those terrible sights that they will never forget. Julia Audrina Carrington who is a born again Christian has touched the lives of thousands of souls across the world. She has shared the message of hope with orphans and the less fortunate. She is the founder of the international mission called Mission Friends for Christ which reaches out to needy and hurting women and children. She is the author of more than three hundred Christian books and Christian novels. See many of her books at by typing her name Julia Carrington in the search box on Her books make wonderful gifts for all occasions. It is Julia's desire to glorify God in all things."

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