Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Horribleness and bigotry

This is vile, even though nobody was hurt directly.

Camp Quest Oklahoma is a secular summer camp for kids which teaches them about science and humanist values such as fairness and tolerance.

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ is a restaurant which did a deal to donate 10% of their customers’ bills one night to Camp Quest if they mentioned the organisation or brought in the promotional flier.  This flier:


Note that the flier explicitly states what Camp Quest is about.  Oklahoma Joe’s knew perfectly well what they were supporting.  They were happy to take the promotion that came from this deal and the customers attracted to their restaurant because of it.

But at the very last moment they reneged on the deal and refused to give the money to Camp Quest, stating that the Christian values of the organisation were not compatible with the humanist ones of Camp Quest.  Look at the flier again: Oklahoma Joe’s – and, apparently, Christianity – is against the scientific education of children in a safe and fun environment.

Its Christian values did allow it to take their customers’ money, though. But not to give it to the charity as they’d promised. Of course, the restaurant claimed that the Camp Quest representatives didn’t fully disclose their beliefs (as though they had something to hide).  This is patently false, as the flier shows.  Camp Quest does not indoctrinate children with atheism and is perfectly open about its purpose and values.

Oklahoma Joe’s has review pages at Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Urban Spoon if you want to let potential customers know what kind of people run the place.

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