Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to have a nargument. Yes, a nargument.

I had a nargument this morning. A nargument is an argument I had without even knowing it. Someone had an agenda, attributed to me views and affiliations I do not have and went right ahead and had the argument regardless of my responses. It was a thing of beauty. Check out my interactions on Twitter with @ofeelaBenson. That’s a nargument right there.

People like Ofeelyabenson (oh, it’s not offensive, it’s srsly a perfectly legitimate parody) think they know in advance how the argument will go. And when their targets deviate from the script by virtue of not being complete idiots, people like Ofeelyabenson  just go ahead and pretend the argument went as they imagined it would and that they won.

And then they start taunting you because they think they’ve won and they think that winning means it’s OK to be abusive.

It was a nargument, Ofeelyabenson. You were having an argument with yourself, not with me. And you know what? I still quite obviously won.

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