Sunday, April 07, 2013

NonStampCollector’s final shot across the bows

NonStampCollector is leaving FreeThoughtBlogs. He anticipates what various idiots are bound to say and explains that he wasn’t forced out for failing to groupthink or by any imaginary surveillance or censorship.  He’s very explicit about that. He says he has seen exactly none of the behaviour people routinely imagine to take place on the FtB backchannel. He says that the FtB management is exactly what it says it is and that he’s never been instructed to toe any line at all.

He also describes in detail the backlash he received when he joined FtB. He was accused of agreeing with the supposed groupthink, treated with childish pique and abused for things he didn’t say. His critics didn’t seem to care what he actually wrote on the subject of sexism (absolutely nothing, actually). They didn’t seem to care that Rebecca Watson is not connected with FtB in any way. They didn't seem to care that FACTS.

And this is what I consistently see from the anti-FtB/anti-feminism people. They suspend their critical faculties to enable them to agree with what they want to be true. As we know, this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of skepticism. And yet here we are, this is what lots of people who say they’re skeptics are doing.

NSC makes another good point. The people who criticise FtB because groupthink don’t seem to know who actually blogs there or what they say. They seem to think they don’t need that information because everyone knows that PZ controls what everyone says. Again, not skeptical.

I was pleased when NSC signed up with FtB because I thought we’d get even more brilliance out of him. It turned out that it wasn’t a good fit: he seems like someone who prefers to take his time and pick his battles, which is not a very bloggy thing. His videos clearly take a lot of time and effort and he doesn’t seem comfortable with publishing instant opinions.

Sounds fair enough to me. Hopefully anti-ftb people can for once exhibit some decorum and not shriek about groupthink and censorship. Of course, I’m quite wrong to hope that.

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