Thursday, April 18, 2013

The FtBullies dogma

I know I’m not the first to ask this, but what constitutes an FtBully?  A Twitter user who shall remain stupid answered that question for me:

A dogmatic radical feminist clique claiming to represent atheism

Thanks, @Freshverbal, definition we can work with!  Providing we can pin down what that dogma actually says, where it’s written down and who actually says they subscribe to it. 

I asked about this, but sadly @Freshverbal didn’t answer. Fortunately, @OfeelyaBenson did answer. Here it is:

According to @OfeelyaBenson, if you’ve ever been accused of being an FtBully you adhere to these commandments, issued by PZ in poorly photoshopped form.

You know, I have my doubts. But my question remains: where can I find this supposed dogma and who are the members of the alleged clique who subscribe to it?

Or could it be possible that there is no dogma and that ‘FtBullies’ is a meaningless term, that there’s no conspiracy and that nobody is trying to force anyone to treat women as unquestionably superior to men?

I’ve been accused dozens of times of being an FtBully. If that’s a dogmatic definition I’d love to know what dogma it is that I subscribe to. I doubt anyone will enlighten me.

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