Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Why do we allow the Burzynski fraud to continue?

Isn’t it weird that burzynski’s ‘clinic’ is still operating? That he’s still charging vulnerable people huge sums of money for supposed treatments that are plainly not supported by evidence?  That he’s still mumbling about trials that never happened, cures that never worked and theory that holds no realistic promise of cure?

I don’t know how he’s allowed to get away with it.  It’s not as though the criticism hasn’t been prolific and sustained. It’s not as though he isn’t bang to rights, caught red-handed in the act of committing and out-and-out fraud.  And yet he’s allowed to continue.

Exploiting vulnerable people is the most horrible of human traits but Burzynski literally has a license to do it.  What will it take to stop him?

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